Plastic Surgery

Removal Of Lumps / Skin Cancers

Key benefits:

  • Removal of moles, sebaceous cysts, lipomas, viral warts and skin cancers

Procedure details:

  • Performed under local anaesthesia
  • May be medisave and insurance claimable
  • From $1399

Various lumps such as moles, sebaceous cysts, lipomas and viral warts are commonly occurring benign conditions which may warrant closer attention and removal due to a number of reasons:

  • They may mimic a cancerous condition and thus one can only be sure after excision and laboratory analysis.
  • They may be symptomatic, such as being prone to recurrent infection in the case of sebaceous cysts, or pain or numbness if the lesions compress on surrounding structures, especially nerves.
  • They are aesthetically displeasing.

For the above reasons, these should be removed and can be done so with the minimal scarring. Our doctors will assess your condition and customize a treatment plan best suited for you. Using specialized plastic surgical techniques, the lump is surgically removed through meticulous placement of small incisions and sutures. Occasionally, if the mole or wart is small enough, a laser ablation can be performed. This has the advantage of not having the patient undergo a surgical procedure.

Common skin cancers such as basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas result from prolonged expose to sunlight. As such, they are most commonly found in the face, neck, arms and hands. Fortunately, they are often amenable to curative surgical excision. A small margin of normal tissue is also removed along with the tumour in order to minimize the chance of cancer recurrence. This is termed wide excision. The tumour is then sent to the laboratory for histological analysis in order to definitively determine complete tumour removal. In small tumors, this would be all that is required. In larger tumors, due to the greater amount of tissue removed resulting in a larger defect, reconstruction would be required, in terms of a skin graft or a local flap. Reconstructive procedures require careful planning in order to ensure success. This should be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon to achieve the best cosmetic outcome.

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