Plastic Surgery

Natural Breast Augmentation

Key benefits:

  • Breast enlargement/enhancement

Procedure details:

  • Performed under sedation or general anesthesia
  • 1 hour procedure, 1 week downtime
  • $3999

Recently, exciting advances have been made in the world of breast augmentation. One such breakthrough is natural breast augmentation using one’s own body fat! While fat transfer techniques were around for some time, it was only recently that this process has been fine tuned to deliver more effective and long lasting results. At A.D.S Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre we are proud to offer our patients Lipokit – one of the most advanced technologies available – which delivers safe, effective and comfortable fat transfer.

Lipotransfer (fat transfer) is one of the most exciting new cosmetic surgery techniques in which fat is removed from one area and injected into another. Patients undergoing this procedure enjoy dual benefits of fat reduction in one area and enhancement to another. Unlike synthetic substances or implants, it gives a soft filling effect with natural results that last for a few years depending on how much fat you have transferred. The advantage over time is that some of the tissue becomes permanent giving you long-lasting improvements.

How do we get better results? With most of the existing fat transfer techniques, only about 40% of the fat remains once it’s had a little time to settle. However, our improved technique improves the survival rate for grafted fats up to 80%. We use a FDA approved and patented process that separates pure fat from free oils and impurities through an insulated system. This enables us to harvest more natural fats with greater purity which in turn leads to higher survival rates when transferred elsewhere in your body or simply injected back into you!

What other areas can I enhance using my own body’s fat? Using the latest fat transfer technique, many cosmetic concerns can be effectively and safely treated. Apart from natural breast augmentation with your own fat, you have the opportunity to rejuvenate and volumize your cheeks, forehead or temples with minimally-invasive treatment. Fat transfer is an ideal method for correcting depressions that are caused by previous surgeries like liposuction in a more efficient way than ever before possible.

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