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3D Facelift By Plastic Surgeon

面 部 提 升 手 术

Elevation Of Sagging Cheeks & Improvement Of Nasolabial Folds
By Our Specialist Plastic Surgeon Trained In Switzerland & Korea
Natural & Long-lasting Results (5 Years)*

*results may vary between individuals

Key benefits:

  • Lifting of facial tissues around the mid and lower cheeks
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Fills out hollow cheeks
  • Reduces jowls

Procedure details:

  • Performed under local anaesthesia and IV sedation
  • Mini-incision hidden in hairline
  • Excess skin is removed
  • Sagging tissues are elevated and secured at higher location within mini-incision
  • Results last 5 years or more
  • 1 hour procedure, 1-2 weeks downtime
  • $4999

What Is 3D Facelift?

As we age, our face begins to lose both volume (due to a loss of fat and bone) as well as elasticity. This results in a sunken and tired appearance with loose or wrinkly skin. An aged pyramid replaces the V-shape youthful appearance of the face, with a heavy lower face with drooping jowls. The skin and the underlying soft tissue with its fascia (SMAS) and supporting ligaments lose their elasticity and begin to stretch. A facelift seeks to reverse as many of these ageing changes as possible.

These changes usually start developing around the early 30s and increase in severity as we age further. Depending on the severity of aging, the amount of correction required and the degree of downtime that can be tolerated, different types of facelifts may be performed to achieve smoother looking skin and a more youthful appearance. Our unique 3D Facelift method involves:

• Small incision hidden behind the hairline to remove excess skin
• Sagging tissues at the cheeks are elevated and secured at the incision
• Results typically last 5 years or more

Some bruising and swelling is to be expected after the procedure, which will dissipate after 1-2 weeks. Patients are able to return to light exercise after 1 week.

Elevation Of Sagging Facial Skin
Affordable & Transparent Pricing
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Why Consider 3D Facelift?

Depending on the individual needs of the patient, the 3D Facelift is an excellent option for patients who desire long-lasting results, but are unwilling to undergo a long surgery or unable to tolerate an extended downtime. Various other non-surgical modalities can also be combined with this method to achieve the optimum result for the patient, with the ultimate aim being a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

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We will meet with you to discuss your concerns and unique needs. Our dental specialist will perform a thorough assessment of your dental health, including options to straighten your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile, ensuring that we meet your needs and provide you with a transformative experience.

Quick Elevation Of Sagging Facial Skin
Results Lasting 5 Years Or More
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