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Dental Braces (Interchangeable colors)

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What Are Dental Braces?

Having a healthy, beautiful smile is a life-long investment. If your teeth are irregular, do not bite right and you feel conscious about it, braces can help. We hope to be part of your journey en route to a beautiful, confident smile!

This conventional type of fixed braces treatment consist of stainless steel small brackets cemented to your teeth, connected by a wire. Depending on the type of braces, the wire can be held to the tooth using a clip that is built into the bracket (self-ligating braces), or by a series of a tiny rubber bands called ligatures.

You will most likely have seen many of your friends flashing a metallic smile while undergoing braces treatment. The benefits of metal braces are that it is predictable, yields good results, and it is less costly.

What To Expect

At A.D.S Clinic, your FUN metal braces are done by an orthodontist (Singapore MOH accredited braces specialist), NOT a GP, assuring you of the best possible results*.

Instead of flashing metal, colors may be added to make your braces more attractive and they can be changed during your monthly adjustment visits. These colorful elastic ties that bind the wires to the brackets can be changed when the wires are changed, and you could opt for a mix and match according to your mood Thus, wearing braces can also be fun! You also have the option of having ‘invisible’ (ceramic) or lingual (behind the teeth) braces.

How To Get Started

It’s easy to get started on your teeth straightening journey. Your first step will be scheduling a one-to-one consultation with our orthodontist, a trained specialist who has more than 10 years experience in the performing braces and Invisalign®.

During Your First Visit

We will meet with you to discuss your concerns and unique needs. Our dental specialist will perform a thorough assessment of your dental health, including options to straighten your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile, ensuring that we meet your needs and provide you with a transformative experience.

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