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Damon self-ligating braces

Affordable Monthly Installments.
At A.D.S Clinic, your Damon braces are done by an orthodontist (Singapore MOH accredited braces specialist), assuring you of the best possible results*.

*results may vary between individuals

Self-ligating braces are one of the newer types of fixed orthodontic options, and are faster and more comfortable than metal and ceramic braces*. This is because these types of braces are designed with a tiny gate to hold on to the archwires gently (instead of wires or elastic bands) and this speeds up treatment and is more comfortable for patients*. Using self-ligating braces, treatment duration can be reduced by an average of four months* which translates to faster completion of orthodontic treatment. The number of appointments made is also reduced by four visits on average as compared with conventional brackets since treatment time is shorter*.

Dental hygiene is easier to achieve as self-ligating brackets do not accumulate plaque as much as rubber modules or wires. They do not easily stain since they do not contain rubber parts. They are also strong and rarely break. Self-ligating braces are aesthetically better compared with conventional braces as they do not need any ligatures, elastic bands or wires to hold on to the arch-wires.

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