Double Chin Removal

双 下 巴 整 形

Immediate Slimmer, More Defined Neck & Jawline*
No Visible Incisions, No Downtime*

What Is Double Chin Removal?

Non-surgical double chin removal can refresh and renew the neck appearance of women and men of all ages. Many patients notice double chin sagging and puffiness gradually increases as part of the natural aging process. When there is only mild to moderate sagging, surgery can sometimes be avoided or delayed using non-surgical options. Our team of internationally trained specialists and surgeons will help determine the right procedure for you during your personalized consultation.

How It Works

As an alternative to traditional surgical techniques, we can perform double chin removal using modern non-invasive aesthetic and laser technology. Because this does not involve incisions, bleeding, swelling, and bruising are all reduced. Compared with traditional methods, this technique involves virtually no downtime and patients are able to resume normal activities immediately after the procedure*.

Immediately Visible Results*
Virtually Painless, No Downtime

Benefits Of The Procedure

This latest non-invasive technique involves proprietary Korean technology for fat melting and skin tightening at the double chin. Excess fat and sagging skin responsible for aging your neck can now be removed*, delivering results normally only achievable through liposuction*.

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What To Expect

Our proprietary technology makes use of a patented micro-needle as fine as a mosquito sting. It emits precise radio-frequency energy to selectively target and shrink subcutaneous fat below the chin. This also results in tightening and firming of the skin as new collagen is stimulated into forming.

During the treatment, which usually lasts around 20 minutes, numbing cream is applied around the eye area, followed by anesthetic micro-jabs. A hand-held device with a micro-needle then delivers heat and RF at controlled depths. This melts the fat and stimulates collagen production, thereby reducing your double chin immediately*. Cooling gel packs are then placed on the eye area to soothe the skin. Results are expected to last three to five years*, and the procedure can be repeated when required.

Visible Results Right After The Procedure*
No Surgery, No Pain
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*results may vary between individuals

During Your First Visit

We will meet with you to discuss your concerns and unique needs. Our doctors will perform a thorough assessment of your double chin and give you all the options to enhance your appearance, ensuring that we meet your needs and provide you with a transformative experience.

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