Chin Implant / Genioplasty

下 巴 整 形

Sharper V-Shaped Chin*
No Visible Incisions, No Downtime*

*results may vary between individuals

What Is A Chin Implant?

Chin implants provide long-term correction to your chin and overall appearance. A well-defined chin enhances your profile with a stronger and sharper V-shaped jawline. Also known as “augmentation mentoplasty”, this cosmetic procedure is designed to enhance a recessed or underdeveloped chin with the insertion of a silicone-based implant. Our specialist maxillofacial surgeons can dramatically improve your facial appearance thanks to their years of experience and acute expertise*.

How Is It Done?

This will be performed via one intra-oral incision, avoiding any external incisions or scars. A customised implant will then be inserted to suit your face structure. There are various types of implants available. It is usually made of biocompatible synthetic materials such as gore-tex or silicone. The lightweight implants that we use in our clinic are clinically proven to be safe and HSA-approved.

Procedure Duration: 45 minutes
Anaesthesia: Local Anaesthesia or IV Sedation or General Anaesthesia

What Can You Expect After the Treatment?
How Often Do I Need To Do It?

A sliding genioplasty is a less-invasive surgical procedure designed to correct a retrusive chin and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing facial structure*. Different from other forms of chin augmentation, the sliding genioplasty procedure involves making a cut through the bone of the chin, which is called an osteotomy. By freeing up the malpositioned bone, our specialist surgeon is able to reposition the area to an ideal orientation. A small plate, made from titanium, is used to secure the chin in its new position on the jawbone. These plates come in varying sizes, each increasing the level of advancement. Small screws are used to permanently hold the plate in place. This simple procedure can dramatically improve the balance, proportion, and harmony of the facial features*. The results from a sliding genioplasty will be immediately noticeable*.

*results may vary between individuals

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